Byron Scott not Happy with Danny Ainge

May 29, 1985

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When Pat Riley is alone in his hotel room, is his hair combed like that?

Oh, to deal with such unimportant questions. Instead, there was that dreadful 148-114 Lakers' Game 1 loss to the Celtics Monday afternoon, which led to this important question: Just what did Pat Riley do alone in his hotel room Monday night?


Mercer Returns with a Vengeance

March 6, 1999 
Mercer turns in gem;

   Ron Mercer looked at the man assigned to guard him last night. But he couldn't look him directly in the eyes. If Mercer had wanted to do that, he would have had to look down. Way down. Six inches down.


Trader Dan: Strong Sense of Self

Image result for danny ainge footballImage result for danny ainge football

"Trader Dan."

Isn't that just one of the nicknames Danny Ainge has acquired as the basketball boss of the Boston Celtics over the last 14 years?

Dee Brown Wants to Fit In

October 12, 1991
The intended message is clearly no longer, "I want to fit in."

Dee Brown is past that. Heck, he leaped over that in a single bound a long time ago, then did a handspring and dunked the ball lefthanded with his eyes closed for good measure.


Bob Cousy at Holy Cross

The Bob Cousy Series: Part 3

Though Worcester had a basketball tradition, Boston was a dribbling desert. The Midwest was the hotbed of basketball. Everybody knew that. Strange stories of Hoosier high school hoop hysteria seeped out of Indiana. Every backyard had a net. The bigtime coach was Adolph Rupp of Kentucky. The bigtime player was George Mikan, a myopic, broad-beamed, wide-shouldered hook-shooting hulk at DePaul University in Chicago.


Red and Moses Square Off in Preseason Win

1983-84 Boston Celtics

This was right out of Syracuse or Fort Wayne, circa 1955: The Celtics and a hated rival in a free-for-all with Red Auerbach in the middle, taunting the enemy's big man by taking off his glasses and saying, "Go ahead, hit me you big SOB."


What about Hondo?


Yesterday, I opined that Paul Pierce deserved to be on the starting unit of the all-time great Boston Celtics, as the starting two-guard. Today I'm gonna back-peddle, and recall that Hondo played a lot of two-guard, and perhaps we need to make a place for him on the starting unit. The Celtics all-time leading scorer, Hondo won eight championships with two different generations of Celtics (three if you count the one he won with Cousy as a different generation).


McHale has Late Night Taping for Cheers

October 13, 1991
The man deemed Most Likely To Play Backup Center showed up for the 7 p.m. game, some 56 minutes late. He then escorted his wife and four children to their designated seats, amidst wild applause from the celebrity-conscious Centrum crowd.

"I thought it was someone important," Larry Bird cracked.

It wasn't. Just Kevin McHale. 


Cousy's First Ten Years as a Celtic

The Bob Cousy Series: Part 4Auerbach was not a lover of razzle-dazzle. He was never one for making the game complicated. Even Cousy, in his book, "The Killer Instinct," said that Auerbach's coaching philosophy was, " Keep it simple and execute properly.' I don't think we used more than six plays in my 13 years as a Celtic."


Celtics Down Nets

December 13, 1979

They turned it on. They turned it off. They turned it on. They turned it off. But the Boston Celtics, as much as they may have aggravated coach Bill Fitch, were always in control last night as they defeated the New Jersey Nets, 116-102, before 9145 at the Garden.


Wallet-on-a-String Trick Back in Use

December 13, 1979

They must have played this game, oh, 700 times during the '60s. The Old Celtics used to tease opponents like this all the time, blowing a team out early and then employing the old wallet-on-a-string trick during the rest of the game before finally reeling in the old billfold in the final period.


Bird Toasts Red

October 4, 1992

The room was dark, save for the three rows of empty chairs in front of a photographer's lighting setup, and Larry Bird had found what he hoped was a remote couch.


A Day in the Life During the ML Carr Era

A Day in the Life During the ML Carr Era

June 2, 1995

The day began like any other for M.L. Carr. The alarm in his FleetCenter efficiency apartment-luxury box went off at 4:30 a.m., leaving just enough time for Carr to slip into his waterproof electronic gear and hit the shower.


The Game Tom Burleson Neutralized Bill Walton

The Game Tom Burleson Neutralized Bill Walton

Time heals, but not always. Not for Bill Walton, when it comes to March 23, 1974. Time never has, time never will.

"That failure has plagued me, and will," he said. "It is a stigma on my soul, and there's no way I can get rid of it."


Bird Sits, Newcomers McHale and Parish Takeover

December 13, 1980

The star of Larry Bird Poster Night at Boston Garden spent 20 of the game's first 24 minutes on the bench with foul troubles tonight. By that time, his supporting cast had given the Celtics a 51-42 halftime lead against the New Jersey Nets.


Spider Hangs 'em up

November 29, 1997
He's known Wilt, Elgin, Jerry, Oscar, Kareem, Michael, Willis - let's face it; he's known 'em all, including Pat Riley, who accused him of spying on a Laker practice session in 1985.

The Celtics, well, what do you think? He was pretty tight with Bill Russell, and then rolled through the years with Sam, K.C., Hondo, Cowens, Larry, Kevin, Chief, D.J. and the current bunch. Satch Sanders gave Spider his restaurant for his daughter's wedding reception.


Silas Still Making Big Plays

January 21, 1980

He's still the master of the stop watch. Paul Silas has the knack and experience to make the maximum use of the full three seconds. Yet, he always seems to be in the right place - around the offensive basket - at the right time.

- Celtic Coach Bill Fitch


Will Riles and Magic Do Deals?

Related image

Pat Riley and Magic Johnson have had a unique relationship for nearly 40 years as allies and adversaries.

Now, not only are the two on opposite sides, but in the same capacity with Johnson joining the Lakers as team president this year, the same title Riley holds with the Miami Heat.

On Monday, the two were together at the "American Express Teamed Up" event in Los Angeles, as part of a panel moderated by Cari Champion. The Hall of Famers were asked questions about a variety of subjects including their time together in Los Angeles where they won four titles with Riley as the head coach and Magic the point guard; this year's Finals; and who would win a game of 1-on-1 between Magic and LeBron James.


Pitino Downs Calipari

Image result for calipari pitino

November 22, 1997
It was one of two 3-pointers Antoine Walker registered for the Celtics last night. This one came with 3:07 remaining in the game, just seconds left on the 24-second clock.

Walker stood high on the right wing, away from Greg Minor, who held the ball at the top of the key. Walker kept his eye on the clock while calling out Minor's name. There were just six seconds remaining on the possession when Minor heaved it Walker's way. 


Catching up with #8

February 14, 2004 Saturday

KANSAS CITY - He was the long-range assassin earning two championship rings with the BostonCeltics during their 1983-84 and 1985-86 championship seasons.

These days, Scott Wedman is still trying to earn championship rings, but now it is for the Kansas City Knights of the American Basketball Association. 

A first-year coach for the Knights, Wedman currently has Kansas City in second place with a 18-9 record.


Hornets Crush C's, Despite Dressing only 9

Image result for paul silas charlotte

March 10, 1999

   CHARLOTTE, N.C. - He's been around for a while. He has a Rookie of the Year trophy and he's matched threes with Larry Bird in the heat of the playoffs. Chuck Person may not be headed to Springfield soon, but he thinks he knows the game of basketball a little.

What he saw last night wasn't right. He said so himself. 

And he was on the winning side.


Bob Cousy: The Post-Celtics Years

In 13 seasons, Cousy had scored 16,955 points for an 18.5 average and had dished out 6949 assists, 5.4 a game. In 109 playoff games, he'd also averaged 18.5 points. He'd played in 13 straight All-Star Games, twice being named the MVP. And when anybody sat down to pick an all-time NBA team, Bob Cousy's name was sure to be on it.


Bob Cousy's Retirement

The first time he tries that Fancy Dan stuff in this league, they'll cram the ball down his throat.- Pro scout's evaluation of Bob Cousy prior to 1950 draft

The vignette will remain, for those who were at the Boston Garden that St. Patrick's Day afternoon in 1963, a moment frozen in time.

The man in short pants, wearing Boston Celtics jersey No. 14, was at center court trying to tell the 13,909 in attendance what the day meant to him. He was having trouble, fumbling words, pausing to brush away the tears.

He tried and tried, and still the words wouldn't come. And the packed house fell silent, perhaps feeling an empathy for the emotions it knew must be surging through the man.

Joe Dillon of South Boston, a 32-year-old water-division worker for the Metropolitan District Commission and also a walking sports encyclopedia, decided to break the silence. Dillon had the voice for it, a voice that could shatter glass.

"If you ever heard Joe Dillon's voice," said a friend, "you never forgot it."

Certainly, nobody who was at the Garden that afternoon ever forgot it.

"We all love ya, Cooz," thundered Dillon, his words reverberating off the Garden rafters and cutting through the smoke-filled silence like a knife through butter.

The tension was broken. Cheers cascaded down from the stands then, and though Bob Cousy broke down and sobbed at least 25 times during a seven-minute speech that took 20 minutes, he made it through the most emotional tribute to an athlete in Boston history.

The decks were so awash with emotion that even Dolph Schayes, scoring star of the visiting Syracuse Nats, wept copiously.

"It was raining outside and pouring inside," wrote Boston Globe sports editor Jerry Nason.

But then, nobody expected that this farewell to the man who had brought a new dimension to the game of basketball would be a lah-de-dah tea party.


The Chief Keeps on Ticking

October 14, 1991
Chick Hearn, the venerable Lakers' announcer, studied the 1991-92 Boston Celtics and asked what is beginning to be an annual, rhetorical question.

"How does the Chief still do it?"

By now, of course, Celtics fans know that the 38-year-old Parish is getting better with age, keeps himself in great shape, rarely misses a game, and remains a key part of the Boston team.


Shaw Still a Spectator

October 15, 1991
The Celtics will play two exhibition games in the next 24 hours and Brian Shaw again will watch them from the end of the bench, unable to play.


Ray Allen: I Had a Lot of Open Shots

October 7, 2007

ROME - In his 11 NBA seasons, Ray Allen has encountered countless suffocating double-teams and sometimes triple-teams. But now, in a Celtics uniform and with two other All-Stars to play off of, he had unfamiliar breathing room last night.


KC Jones Knows Winning

May 29, 1985

Section: SPORTS


It is the strangest of coincidences. He never gets much credit, but K.C. Jones always seems to be standing there when the flags are raised and the rings are handed out.


Wedman was a Driveway Guy

May 29, 1985

Section: SPORTS


He is a basketball player in silhouette. The sun is setting at an angle behind the backboard, making you wonder how long he has been working and how much longer he is going to stay. There are ovations and excitement in his head, perhaps, but he is alone with the sound and the feel of the ball.

He is a driveway guy. A picture.

"You spent a lot of time like that?" Scott Wedman is asked.

"Oh, yes," he replies.


Culture Showdown

May 29, 1985

Section: METRO


Professional basketball has never really hit my hot button. This, because it's not a sport so much as it is 10 guys with glandular problems who run back and forth on a floor until there are two minutes left in a game and it's time to pay attention to the point spread.


Celtics Inflict More Pain on Da Purple


The battle scars were there, but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hid them well. No one who approached him in the Lakers' dressing room had much success in cutting through his robot-like demeanor.

Abdul-Jabbar did not smile as he spoke. His mood seemed to reflect a career that has been filled with peaks and valleys, bumps and bruises, key hoops and missed shots. What happened to Abdul-Jabbar and the Lakers last night was just another pit stop on the long NBA trail.


Gastclown Gets Last Laugh

June 20, 1995

No, it isn't. Not funny in a "ha-ha" sense, at least not if you happen to be interested in the fortunes of the Boston Celtics. But M.L. Carr naming himself coach of the team is funny in an alternate sense, more along the lines of funny as in weird, bizarre or inexplicable. So in that sense, yeah, it most certainly is funny.


Celtics Sign X

September 13, 1992

Last week, the Celtics signed free agent Xavier McDaniel, a 29-year-old forward who the past four years has undergone two knee operations, been traded twice, been left unsigned by a third team and been called ... how does one say this? ... a divisive presence.

Yet, for the staunch Celtics fan, the McDaniel acquisition is another in a long line of major coups. This fan says, "He shall overcome." This fan has proof.



C's Nip Knicks

Celtics Improve to 44-15
1981-82 Boston Celtics

Before anyone writes up Danny Ainge's Hall of Fame nomination petition, before we rename the bottom 24 square feet of the foul lane Cedric Maxwell boulevard, before we formally declare Robert Parish for pivot sainthood, and before we beg Harry Mangurian to sign Kevin McHale to a 17-year contract lest he ever do the nasty things to the Celtics that he now does to other folks, let us step back for a moment and state the real reason the defending champeens have won their last seven games in succession, with or without Tiny Archibald and Larry Bird.


Sixers End Celtics Streak

Celtics Fall to 55-16
1981-82 Boston Celtics

Robert Parish knew it was going to be one of those days long before it started.

"In the locker room," said the Celtics giant center, "I knew it then. We were too relaxed. It wasn't the same as you normally have for a Celtics-76ers game. "All streaks end and I thought Philly might be a club capable of doing it. But I didn't expect them to beat us as badly as this."


C's Dump Hawks

Celtics Improve to 57-16
1981-82 Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics were valid World Champions in victory. The Atlanta Hawks were noble in defeat. The Atlanta fans were sportsmen who came to see a basketball game and not to indulge in any extracurricular activities. A whole lot of people did themselves proud at the Omni last night.


Celtics Reach 60 Mark, Clinch Division Title

Celtics Improve to 60-17
1981-82 Boston Celtics

Forget about saluting the Celtics with "We Are The Champions" this morning. Instead serenade Robert Parish the next time you see him with "Hail To The Chief."

The Celtics are indeed the Atlantic Division champions for 1981-82. Their 106-103 triumph over the New Jersey Nets at the Garden last night took care of that, since either a Boston triumph or a Philadelphia loss would have ensured Boston's eventual division title by virtue of the tie-breaking system. But it's still nice to win it instead of having it handed it to you, and thanks to Robert Parish they won it, all right.


Celtics-Hawks to Resume Game from November

1990-91 Boston Celtics

Well, who wouldn't? They're already up by 15, the game is almost 14 minutes old and they're at home, where they've won 11 straight and their average victory margin is 16.8 points.

(Aside to NBA commissioner David Stern: Larry was only kidding.)


Walton and Wooden -- Almost as Good as Auerbach and Russell

Image result for bill walton ucla card

Midway through the second half of the 1973 NCAA Tournament championship game at The Arena, UCLA guard Greg Lee spoke up during a timeout.

"Greg said to Coach Wooden, 'C'mon Coach, we've got a 20-point lead, can somebody else besides Bill shoot for a while?'" recalled the subject of Lee's plea, center Bill Walton. "And Coach Wooden looked around and said, 'Why?'"

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